Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OSCONF 2009: Awesomeness just got a new name!!

As if the world’s total awesomeness converged for 4 days , OSCONF was totally awesome (more awesome then some conf that starts with Tech and end with Ed). The community rocks!!

Ubuntu guys rocks!!

PHP guys (Joomla guys too) rocks!!

Sun guys rocks (although not as much, yeah yeah, I know, the Oracle thingy is probably in their mind)

Python guys rock soliidd!!

BSD guys rocks and are horny too (no no, not the other kind of horny :)) )

ADempiere guys manage to maintain their cool :P

And best of all, the lightning talks really really rock!! with total awesomeness that rocks can have :))

Everyone just plain awesome !! Yeah, everyone! Even the OpenSUSE guys. :))

Please please please make this a yearly event

Anyway, I delivered my Scala talk too. Here’s the slide


I’ve also done a lightning talk called Cyber Merdeka (Cyber Sovereignty)


I’ll make the video available if I can get it from MDeC



Me and Anthony Baxter of Google


Johan said...

I attended your talk.
I like what you presented, makes perfect sense. I'm not an IT person. But I hope you also extend your ideas beyond IT - independence. I.e buying only national car, as not only that buying foriegn cars is damaging to the economy, like you said, who knows what they put into it. Imagine if our PM is in a BMW, the CIA could be bugging the car as only they know the make or engineering of the car.

Secondly, in IT, I know there's hardware and software. What about hardware independence? Don't tell me it is 100% safe to run our software on IBM or Compaq machines.

The last time MIMOS and DRB tried to enter the computer hardware business, they failed miserably because the market preferred foreign products.

So let's make supporting Open Source aligned with other National agenda such as buying Malaysia first! It should not be only about IT, but being nationalistic should cover everything else under the (independent) sun!


Anak Perelih said...

this reminds me the PROMIS and Mossad relationship...

bhzen said...

Get over the paranoia!

If what Johan & other say is true, there goes our aerospace industry, we are making carbon-composite parts for Airbus - in a muslim country? with all the terrorists?

Nationalistic, protectionists policies lead to the 1930's depression, and economists are fighting hard to prevent that happening after the recent wall street meltdown.. ie: for US, since you're bailed out with taxpayers money, you shld buy US goods....

All this fear is based on ignorance and lack of knowledge/skills - that's what is gonna free us! Not some dumb sloganistic knee jerk reaction.

Knowledge is freedom, it allows us to 'debug' the BMWs and trap virus's/malware in Windows OS, used by our gov. that 'call home' and report to the NSA!

And I'll never buy a national car, because its sub-standard in safety. Care to do a statistical correlation between traffic fatalities and local cars anyone? I'd love to be proven wrong. When 'nationalism' is used to push sub-standard products to our citizens, its as bad or worse then the foreign imperialist trying to keep us dumb.

Knowledge/skills is freedom, but not many ppl understand or want to go that way (yeh its hard...), we are happy under our tempurung!