Monday, February 28, 2011

Java is still big!

Hear yea! Hear yea!

Java is the king maker again. Apparently, from this stats pulled from The Star, as far as tech jobs are concerned, Java engineers are almost as highly paid as a Business Analyst Manager. I would consider Business Analyst Manager as someone who is deeply entranched in domain knowledge and also is a Manager (basically 8-10 years of experience) .

Look at that figure again, a plain Java engineer makes almost as much as a domain expert manager. Sure, security is there also but security is multi-disciplinary field. It's hard to quantify what their skill sets are. It could be a simple "pen test"er to a full blown SSO-Multi-tenant engineer, unlike Java engineers which is more narrow.

All and all, it confirms what I've been saying before. Java is the key to IT innovation and it has been growing a hell lot despite the total lack of attention from MDeC. Don't believe me? Just google for 'MDeC Java' and my rant 2 years ago is the first entry you'll see. There some other entries but mostly outdated stuff.

The question is: What the heck is MDeC doing to encourage people to explore the king maker of IT?

I know Cybersecurity is doing a lot on Security stuff, What about MDeC?

Judging by the lack of any reference I think they are doing... wait for it... NOTHING!

If MDeC wants our developers to earn high-value income, they have to promote Java like no body's business! They have to, no other choice! Java is here to stay and stay rich at least for another decade or so. Or is MDeC being happy that most of our coders just know PHP (no offense of the PHPers but PHP does not figure on that chart).

Sure, Mark Zuck became filfthy rich because of PHP, but the average guy (at least in Malaysia that is) is not Mark Zuck. They are Joe Developer doing development because they are passionate about it, but Software development is just one aspect of their lives. My question is , what has MDeC done to raise the income of Mr. Joe Developer? The obvious answer is that, MDeC could promote Java to them. Promote it like Java is the national agenda, but nooooo. I don't know what MDeC is doing but if you're expecting MDeC to help you to become a java developer and hence earn RM110 k per year, do look else where.

Either that, or let us throw water baloons at MDeC until it wakes up from its sleep.


Redhuan D. Oon said...

Save your time bro and focus on pushing the limits of your own Java skills. Forget about the gomen. As long as it doesn't get in your way. It has done enough damage to the country's brain drain. If it just support my FOSS project it would have made history as the first of its kind in the world rather than produce brains that drain away to foreign brands. Fyi, the last 6 mths 90% of my income comes from overseas while i sit in my farm home coding in, what else, Java.

d9nm9rks3o said...

I think they forgot to mentioned about SAP consultant who earns almost the same as those in the investment banking line.