Friday, December 10, 2010

You brought this upon yourselves

When Sun was around, it was the ugly duckling. No one liked it despite all the things it did for the community. Being the largest open Source contributor was not enough for the bullying community. Sun tried and tried haplessly to do what it can to please everyone and yet, a lot of people were unhappy. Sure, Sun was not perfect, it was the ugly duckling after all, but, for what Sun had done it did not deserve the treatment it received. Every one hated Sun and pounded Sun to pulp since it is ugly and ugly duckling deserved our outmost hatred.

And one fine day, Sun finally died. The people cheered and toasted its death. Unknown to them that Sun was now replaced by a GIANT with an I-don't-give-a-crap-what-the-community-wants-since-I've-never-do-and-yet-I'm-still-filthy-rich attitude. Blazzing the country side with its fist, smacking all that were protected by Sun before.

Alas, the community wept but they wept too late. Sun, the gentle giant is dead. if only they would have liked Sun a bit better it would probably still be around. If only ...


Redhuan D. Oon said...

Moral of the story. Don't hold back your codes till you're dead.

Sun should have opened up Solaris and Java wayyyy before.

Azrul said...

They did la bro

Jazzie Casas said...

Java and to some degree .Net are the main choices because they have been consistently pegged as the “safe” choice to go with for mid-level project managers in the corporate world. No one was ever fired for choosing Java or Microsoft.

However, there are many large distributed applications these days that run primarily with technologies like Python, PHP, et al. Even companies like Google and Yahoo are heavily invested in these technologies. Java may be the main choice for enterprise development now, but it’s days are numbered as the only stalwart option to go with.

Let’s face it, many of these so called “enterprise applications” could easily have been written much faster and with less overhead using technologies like Python, PHP, et al.

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sweemeng said...

Safe choice have many meaning, it is either
- "easy" to hire
- only heard/know this
- everybody else use it
- have someone to blame
- all above

Sun contribution to the community is too much, way too much, though monetizing it may be the issue.

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

I disagree with Jazzie almost fully on the line that says "easily have been written" "much faster" "less overhead".

You really need to benchmark how fast the JVM can do with those crappy bytecode.

Java is verbose, less beautiful and generate less orgasm. But that doesn't make it "hard to write" nor make it less powerful.

And, putting PHP in your list is really a joke if you understand the language deeper for its inconsistency.

Azrul said...

I have to agree with Yuen-Chi. Most enterprise application I've seen would have 2-3 data sources (Database, LDAP, MQs, some legacy stuff) and would have XA as a legal requirement (especially when the client is a bank). No tchnology supports that as seamlessly as Java.